Electron Microscopy Sciences

Electron Microscopy Sciences

consumables, supplies and equipment for electron microscopy


Electron Microscopy Sciences is the most comprehensive source for electron microscopy, light microscopy, and histology supplies, chemicals and equipment. EMS is committed to providing the highest quality products along with competitive pricing, prompt delivery, and outstanding customer service.


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Eyepiece Graticules & Stage Micrometers
EM standard loop filaments
Calibration standards for TEM and STEM
SPM Calibration Specimens
EM Prep Sputter and Carbon Coaters
Rapid Immersion Plunge Freezer
Staining Apparatus
Stains for Light and Electron Microscopy
Plasma asher
TEM Grids, Holey Carbon, Support Films
Laboratory Safety and Spill Clean Up
Stereo Microscopes
Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter

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