Ted Pella, Inc.

Ted Pella, Inc.

electron microscopy and light microscopy supplies


Ted Pella manufactures and resells instruments and supplies to serve laboratories dedicated to a variety of types of microscopy: Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy, Electron Microprobe Analysis, Atomic Force Microscopy, Confocal Laser Microscopy and Light Microscopy.


Email: sales@tedpella.com
Tollfree: 800-237-3526
Phone: 530- 243-2200
Fax: 530-243-3761
P.O. Box 492477
Redding, CA 96049-2477
United States


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quality light microscopes
Stereo microscopes
Supplies for FIB and SEM/FIB systems
Electron Microscope Filaments / Cathodes
Vacuum pumps and supplies
BudgetSensor AFM tips
Calibration tools for AFM and SPM
The PELCO easiGlow system
Microscope slides and cover slips
Grinding, Lapping, and Polishing
DTK Microslicers
premium precision tweezers
ultrasonic cleaners
Specimen mounts and holders
Cressington coaters and carbon coaters
PELCO BioWave Pro
TEM grids
Diamond knives
Cryo Preparation Supplies