Laser Components (UK) Ltd.

Photonic components


Laser Components is a photonic component and OEM module supplier of sources, optics and detectors, from soft X-ray, UV to FIR. Products include; a) sources: pulsed and cw free space and pigtailed laser diodes, tuneable, TEC, VCSEL, DFB (UV/VIS/IR), laser diode modules, IR emitters, flash lamps, LEDs and SLEDs, b) UV to IR optics: plastic, silica, IR and sapphire fibre optics, NxN fibre couplers, feed through, fiber rotary joints, connectors and termination service, laser mirrors, lenses, output couplers, dichroics, prisms, windows, optical filters, and laser crystal rods, c) free space and pigtailed detectors: SiC (UV), Si/CdS/APDs (VIS), InGaAs/PbSe/PbS (NIR), and Thermopile/Pyroelectric/InSb/MCT (IR/FIR) single chip and arrays.


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