SciTech Pty. Ltd.

SciTech Pty. Ltd.

cameras, imaging software, stages, systems


Specialist supplier of Microscopes, Imaging and Spectroscopy Solutions. Microscope Cameras, EMCCD cameras, High Speed Cameras, High Resolution Cameras and Infra Red Cameras. Live Cell Imaging Systems, Spinning Disk Confocal, Calcium Ratio Imaging Systems, BIO AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy), Stereology Systems, Image Analysis Software for Windows and Mac OS. 3D and 4D visualization, Particle Tracking Software, Particle counting software, 3D Deconvolution, Image Database, Materials Analysis Software.


Phone: 61 3 9480 4999
Fax: 61 3 9416 9959
Unit 4, 72-74 Chifley Drive
Preston, VIC 3072


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